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If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact us.

Two guides are hidden. They show how to post an agenda and how to edit a news release.

You need to be an authorized user to see them. If you are, log in.

Guide to sending your news

News notebook

Here is a guide to sending news for publication at

-- Your news should be related to Arlington, Mass. (News about neighboring communities is welcome, but can be published as the publisher's time allows.)

-- If your news is an event, you must provide who is sponsoring (and a way to contact them), what the event is, where it is to take place, when it will happen, why it is taking place and any further information helpful to understand your report.

-- Email news as plain text (no formatting, no Word docs).

-- If you have a photo, attach it to the email.

-- Email sprague.bob @

OR you can compose and send news directly in this form >> (you must be an authorized user; log in, fill in the blank and click on publish)

If you have an opinion -- which is not news and is your viewpoint -- you want to be published, please see this FAQ.

This FAQ dates to 2006.

YourArlington's statement about privacy, terms

UPDATED, Aug. 31, 2016: The publisher of acknowledges that we live in an increasingly wired world in which the kind of privacy we may have long enjoyed is changing in far-reaching ways. In the light of such change, here is what the site strives to do with respect to privacy issues.

YourArlington's publisher believes the privacy of Web users should be protected, but the nature of the site means that participants give up a small degree of their private lives. is based on user-generated content. To pursue that aim, it asks users of the site to register. When users do, information that they provide about themselves is retained on the site so that the publisher may communicate them and so that the users who agree to do so, communicate among themselves. YourArlington's publisher does not share personal information the site collects about users with outside parties, including news sources and advertisers. YourArlington does make periodic reports to the public about the number of registered users on the site.

Those who write for YourArlington are asked to use their real names as bylines. Pseudonyms are discouraged and require the publisher's approval. 

Those who use the comment links below news stories -- which may be anyone using the site (not just registered users) -- are asked to use their real names. The publisher may remove postings by those who comment anonymously or with apparently false names. If you believe what you are writing, you should stand behind it with your real name.

Often, advertisers will employ a third-party service provider or serving the advertisements and for tracking the performance of an ad program. These companies may employ cookie and 1x1 pixel technology to measure and improve the effectiveness of ads for their client. These companies may collect and use anonymous information about your visits to our member websites and other websites. The information collected can include:

              1. Date/time of your visit
              2. The banner ad that was shown
              3. Their cookie
              4. Your IP address
              5. The URLs of sites you visit

This information can also be used for online preference marketing ("profiling') purposes.

YourArlington does not share, sell, rent or trade information with any party for promotional purposes.

Google Analytics features were out into effect Nov. 20, 2013, based on Display Advertising (e.g., Remarketing, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, the DoubleClick Campaign Manager integration, or Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting).

Visitors can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the Ads Settings.

Were you named in a YourArlington report as someone charged with a crime, according to police?

Were charges later dropped, or you were found not guilty following a trial? 

If so, get in touch with the publisher >> 

For a story reporting these new facts, provide proof of your claim.

If you have an attorney, have that person contact the publisher saying when the case was decided, in what court (if applicable) and the reason charges were dismissed.

If you do not have an attorney, go to the police department or court where the issue was decided and provide the publisher with a copy of the documents proving your claim.

This information will be published in a new story. The aim is to help clear your name.

YourArlington does not remove a report after someone asks the publisher to do so. Even so, consider these points:

-- After about five years, depending on the news value of the story (a matter of the editor's judgment), police stories are pruned from the site; and

-- As time passes, Google's indexing places an older story lower in rankings, so the public is less likely to see it.

News stories based on police reports reflect, by the nature of the source, the police view of an incident. YourArlington reports the names of adults charged with a crime as part of long-established journalistic tradition. Names of those under 18 years old are not reported, unless the severity of the crime warrants. Names of rape victims are not reported, unless a victim wants to be identified.

YourArlington does not publish a photograph of a person charged with a minor offense.

Police departments, including Arlington's, routinely release to media outlets the names of adults arrested in a variety of matters. Of course, a charge does not mean a person is guilty.

Unless the news value of an arrest warrants it, most media outlets do not have the staff to follow up on each arrest.

In cases where charges have been dismissed, YourArlington has a path for you to follow. Best to bring your plea directly to the publisher.

FYI: Options that won't work include threatening a lawsuit or offering a bribe. Earlier this year, an attorney who said he represented a man named in a YourArlington police report offered the publisher money to remove a story. He made the offer twice. The publisher declined twice.

If you no longer wish to be an authorized user of YourArlington, please contact the publisher.

Policy established Feb. 8, 2008, and updated Aug. 31, 2016.

Guide to working with images

Web image

You don't want to publish only words -- you want to illustrate what you're writing about with images. They may be photographs, cartoons, logos -- anything you want to display, usually as .jpg or .gif files, but there are other formats, including .png.

Here is a guide to working with images on YourArlington. Print them out, if you like.

Apart from sending images to the site via Send News, you can also format and upload images that you control. To be able to post those images to YourArlington, you must be authorized to do so. To get authorization, the publisher must give it to you. If you want that authorization, email sprague.bob @

If you get authorization, you'll get the Web address from which you may work with images. You'll need that. It the publisher forgets to tell you what it is, email him.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Read more ...

Guide to posting to Your View, place for opinion

Your View logo

Here is a guide to using Your View, the place for opinion at and the site's only blog.

To add your opinions -- usually a column and longer than a simple comment, you must be a registered user. To become one, click here >>

After the publisher has approved your registration, log in with your username and password at the log-in button. Find it on the drop-down menu under Home on the site's main navigation bar, across the top.

Once logged in, go to Your View, in the top navigation bar. Click on Your View to reach the dashboard. Or click the first drop-down option called Write a blog. The dashboard allows you to many things. At the Write a blog drop-down, you may, well, write a blog entry.

If you choose the dashboard, then look for the little pencil in the top navigation bar. Click it to bring up an editing window. Choosing Write a blog brings up the same window.

Read more ...

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