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State switch delays pooled testing, affecting Gibbs

Covid-19 imageCorporate-testing shareholders may have more sway.

The following was written by Jessica von Goeler, a Gibbs parent who is a master scheduler at a gene-therapy manufacturing facility.

 Families across Arlington are getting ready to send their kids back to school Thursday, Sept. 9. It's exciting and feels a bit more like normal. Yet corporate-testing shareholders may have more influence on children's health than parents this year.

“It’s really worrisome that private testing contracts have become paramount over keeping our kids safe. Our children’s welfare shouldn’t be nickel-and-dimed,” said John von Goeler, Jessica's husband.

With less than a month before school starting, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) announced a new no-cost testing program that required the use of CIC Health over district-preferred testing vendors. While districts could move forward with their vendor of choice, it would become the district's responsibility to pay for pooled testing, potentially driving the Arlington school budget into turmoil.

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Get vaccinated, town urges residents in video appeals

robin sons 300 4719Dr. Robin Schoenthaler and her sons MacKenzie, left, Cooper, both AHS grads, at her Moth performance in 2019, before Covid. Director Christine Bongiorno shares two videos that the Arlington Department of Health and Human Services has produced to encourage residents to get vaccinated and to follow Covid-19 guidelines in an effort to put an end to the pandemic.

To view the first video, click here >>

In this video Arlington oncologist Dr. Robin Schoenthaler, who writes about Covid-19, and Arlington Public School nurse Kristina Donofrio discuss the importance of getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

"What we are seeing in people who have hesitated or refused to get vaccines is catastrophe, suffering and ICU overloads and tragic, preventable deaths," said Dr. Schoenthaler. "Thank you to everyone who has gotten vaccinated. There is one way out of this pandemic that's assured and that's for people to get vaccinated."

Covid-19 vaccines are free and available to anyone age 12 and older. Residents who wish to get vaccinated can register here >>

"The Covid-19 vaccine helps to protect students, parents and members of the community against severe illness and death," said nurse Donofrio. "It is definitely important to listen to your child if they want to be vaccinated."

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