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Upbeat Cycling to close; owner explores underlying factors

A second Arlington fitness business has succumbed to Covid-19. Upbeat Cycling, on Schouler Court, next to Arlington High School, plans to close Sunday, Sept. 12, after four years in business. Black Crow Yoga, in East Arlington since 2010, held its last class Aug. 15, also a pandemic victim.

Jackie Maurer, Upbeat Cycling, 2021

Upbeat's owner, Jackie Maurer, told clients last week that the indoor studio is open for its normal class schedule through that Sunday. Those with membership contracts and renewing monthly packages will be prorated through Sept, 12, and all contracts/ renewals automatically canceled after that. "Those with class series should use those up during this next four weeks. Consistent with all of our class-package terms, we will not be in a position to provide refunds," she wrote.

In addition to details that customers need to know -- more below -- Maurer expressed sadness and had concerned words about what she terms "capital destruction."

"Dismantling the studio is going to break my heart," she told YourArlington.

Asked what she would do next, she wrote: "I can’t focus on me personally until the wind-down [liquidating assets] is completed. Once I can focus on some self care, I’ll try to find employment doing something that involves my various passions — bicycling, fitness, outdoor adventure, working with great people and using my entrepreneurial and business skills.

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Arlington dining: Take it out (or dine in now)

UPDATED, Aug. 30: Which Arlington restaurants offer takeout? Helping to answer that question even after the coronavirus crisis is a listing, updated weekly.Town Tavern, in 2018

See it here >>


(Town Tavern is among many offering takeouts. It announced on Facebook that it reopened for dining March 22 >>)

Two town residents, Gary Goldsmith and Susan Stamps, thought up the idea after a delicious takeout meal from Sugo, as they were pondering how to help support Arlington businesses during these trying times.

Now that the affects of the pandemic are lessening, Goldsmith is continuing the effort.

Goldsmith has lived in town for 35 years, or, as he likes to say, "since before Arlington was 'cool'."  

Stamps is a Precinct 3 Town Meeting member. Find out about her by scrolling down to her comments >> 

Asked about their ties to restaurants in town, Goldsmith wrote: "[W]e understand the pain this has caused restaurant owners and workers, like to eat out and have the good fortune to live in a town with 80(!) restaurants and takeout places."

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