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ACAC wants to hear from you about arts' share of $34M



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ACAC was delighted to learn that the town will be distributing some $34 million in federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to address the pandemic's negative health and economic impacts on our town, with a proposed $1.5 million supporting local businesses and nonprofits, including those in the hard-hit arts and culture sector.

Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine's informative short video provides an overview of the ARPA Framework and the Town’s proposed spending plan, and invites public feedback here through Sept. 9. Arlington Center for the Arts, Friends of the Drama, International Film Festival, our museums and small galleries, music and dance schools, theaters and historical institutions…our cultural treasures have strained and persisted and brought us comfort through hardship, and now stand to emerge from crisis to recovery and sustainability with new ARPA support.

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