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13 letters back Diggins for Select Board


Amos Meeks, a resident of Lee Terrace in Arlington and a Precinct 3 Town Meeting member, submitted this letter to the editor.

I am writing this letter to express my wholehearted support for Lenard Diggins in his bid for reelection to the Arlington Select Board. As a resident of the same precinct as Len, I add that he also serves as one of my Town Meeting representatives. Through all of my interactions with him, I have only ever seen him demonstrate an unwavering commitment to our community.

Over the years, I have consistently been impressed by Len's passion for the Town of Arlington. He has been a strong advocate for environmental issues, such as supporting the fossil-fuel ban bylaw in 2020. This demonstrates Len's deep concern for the health and sustainability of our town, as well as his dedication to preserving our environment for future generations. His leadership in this area showcases his forward-thinking approach and his ability to address pressing issues that affect us all.

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