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Diggins seeks second term on Select Board

Lenard Diggins, 2023

Lenard Diggins announces his candidacy for reelection to the Select Board in this statement.

Dear Fellow Arlingtonian: My first run for the Select Board made me truly proud of Arlington, because even with all of the ways in which I am considered a minority and atypical politician, I was deemed an "establishment" candidate.

While I’ve never felt any sense of estrangement in Arlington, I realized during that campaign that I was more welcomed to the community and more respected as a part of it than I had appreciated. That said, I definitely have my own perspective on any number of issues, and it is a viewpoint that is unabashedly liberal/progressive.

Sometimes my arguments to protect the minority point of view in the sea of blue that is Arlington can make me seem a bit conservative, but after some dialogue with me, one is quickly disavowed of that notion.

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