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Arlington group joins statewide relay to urge clean heat 

In a rousing display of support for clean energy, mothers and families rallied and raced on Wednesday, Nov. 17, in a spirited relay from Pittsfield to the Prudential Center, including Arlington. 

mothers out front

Arlington Mothers Out Front and others took part in the statewide Relay for Clean Heat by bringing postcards signed by Arlington residents. With other participants, they delivered more than 3,000 postcards from customers to the state’s three largest gas utilities.

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 “Our utilities need to lead on climate solutions to protect future generations, “ said Amy Antzack in a news release from Mother Out Front.

“In a state where heating and cooling account for 30 percent of heat-trapping emissions, the mothers say utilities are moving too slowly and offering false solutions to families’ needs for safe, renewable and affordable heat. “They are clinging to natural gas and variations on natural gas,” added Anne Wright.  “Every day of inaction further threatens the health and safety of our children.”   

Relay participants criss-crossed the state on Wednesday, using electric vehicles, bikes, public transit, running and walking. The route included stops in Pittsfield, Northampton, Hadley, Gardner, Acton, Concord, Waltham, Brookline and Boston.  

The group is asking utilities to partner with their workforce, government and customers to provide clean, safe, affordable heat to all Massachusetts homes. Specifically, they want the gas companies to align with the Mothers Out Front Future of Clean Heat Platform. This asks that utilities:

  • Offer heat pumps and other electric appliances to all homes and buildings;
  • Subsidize these technologies to make them affordable for everyone;
  • Replace leaky gas infrastructure with networked geothermal systems; and
  • Make clean energy available and affordable to all families, especially renters and low-income residents. 

On Sept. 25, an estimated 25 people demonstrated in front of Town Hall, as Arlington Mothers Out Front asked the public to move away from using natural gas as an energy source and pleaded with National Grid to fix all 15 of the town’s big gas leaks by the legally mandated deadline, two years from official identification of the leak, or sooner.

Mothers Out Front is a national movement working to ensure a livable climate for all children. The group brings together mothers in communities across the U.S. to help them advocate for transformative climate policies at the local, state and national level to achieve a just transition away from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy.

Founded by two moms in 2013, the organization now includes 21 local chapters in Massachusetts and more than 35,000 mothers and caregivers across the country. 

Sept. 25, 2021: Fix big leaks, town group urges, as visibility concludes at Town Hall

This news summary was published Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021.

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