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Citizens-advocacy group ARFRR announces new website

Arlington Residents for Responsible Redevelopment (ARFRR), a grass-roots group working to make sure that redevelopment in town is in the best interests of residents and businesses, has announced a new website.

ARFFR logoAn Oct. 7 news release says that those involved are committed to supporting accountable government, affordable housing, a robust business sector, and protecting neighborhoods and our natural environment.

ARFRR was formed last winter in response to a suite of articles submitted to 2019 annual Town Meeting by the town Redevelopment Board and the Department of Planning and Community Development, with input from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council.

“These articles sought to allow much greater density in higher-density residential and all business districts, and would have given density bonuses to builders with no requirement to provide affordable units for smaller projects,” the release says.

“We attended meetings, formulated responses, made presentations and conducted outreach to Town Meeting members and the general public. The articles were voted 'no action' by Town Meeting at the recommendation of the Redevelopment Board, as a result of resident concerns.

“Our work continues, and we invite you to visit our new website to learn more.

“It is a resource for information from a wide variety of sources, and contains updates on current initiatives, alternative ideas for creating affordable housing and protecting our environment, contacts for other groups with similar goals, and our blog."

Those connected to the group include Carl Wagner, John and Patrcia Worden, J. Michael Ruderman, Jo Anne Preston and Wynelle Evans.

Visit the new website at or on Facebook

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April 17, 2019: Sides for and against discuss zoning plans

April 13, 2019: Zoning density proposals revised, but critics see loopholes

This news announcement was published Monday, Oct. 7, 2019.

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