Glenn Koenig, in a dress, reading from his book.Glenn Koenig, in a dress, reading from his book at Arlington Alive! in June.

When Glenn Koenig first stepped out in public wearing a dress, he was afraid others might react negatively. He needn't have worried; he began receiving spontaneous compliments almost right away.

Now, he's publishing a book about his experiences.

In the book, a man wearing a dress, he looks back to his childhood to find clues that foreshadowed his current identity shift.

Born male and raised in New England, Koenig struggled to conform to the narrowly defined male culture of the times. While attending Goddard College in the 1970s, he began studying gender issues, but after graduation, his focus turned to pursuing a variety of careers, including software engineering, video production, technical writing and database design.

In addition, he served on Town meeting and various committees for 16 years, was the host of town-election TV coverage for nearly 20 years and was the first president of ACMi, the town cable-TV station.

Later on, after turning 50, he realized that he still had questions regarding his own gender identity. Thinking he might be transgender, he briefly tried presenting as a woman, but that left him with more questions.

"I realized that living as a woman didn't seem authentic to me, so I had to chart a new course for myself," he said Aug. 4 in comments issued in advance of the publication. "I realized I had a strong feminine side as well as a masculine one, so I looked for ways to present both to the world."

Over time, he began to dress in clothes traditionally worn by women, but he left his body intact, even maintaining a trim beard. 

"I feel as if I've finally come home," he said of his newly found sense of himself.

"Going out in the world this way, I have had the most fascinating conversations," he reports. "My goal is to find a way to love everyone, regardless of identity or circumstances."

The book includes his life story, reflections on gender, some perspectives on our surrounding culture and even some poetry. It is being published in soft cover and will be available in bookstores Sept. 14.

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