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The Redevelopment Board held its third hearing for 99 Mass. Ave. on March 27 and voted to approve the request for a permit, 4-0.

The applicants sought to convert the attic of a three-story office building into an apartment.

Board member Eugene Benson said the applicant needs town permission to install short-term bicycle parking spaces in front of the building. He added that he doesn't know whether one of the six parking spaces needs to be handicapped accessible. He thinks the board's decision should state that the board is not making a decision as to whether one is necessary.

He said he wants the decision to be clear that the board isn't making a determination about the need for an accessible space. He says the accessibility requirements come from federal law.

Board Chair Rachel Zsembery summarized the conditions for the special permit: that short-term bicycle parking be placed in the rear of the building if the applicants aren't able to get permission to have it in front; that a siding sample be provided for administrative review; and, that the board is not making a determination as to whether one of the parking spaces needs to be accessible.

Nonzoning, zoning articles

The board discussed at much greater length four nonzoning Town Meeting articles. Articles 21, 22 and 23 propose to transfer three ARB-owned properties to the town; Article 14 proposes to establish a study committee to develop a strategic plan for new growth.

The board also discussed in more detail annual Town Meeting articles. Receiving favorable action, 4-0, were:

Article 26 (Industrial district development standards), 27 (Solar Bylaw in Industrial Districts), 28 (Building Inspector, Enforcement, 29 (Downtown business parking minimums), 30 (One- and two-family usable open space) and 31 (Industrial District Animal Daycare Use).

As to Article 32 (Build affordable housing everywhere), the board voted no action after the proponent asked that it be withdrawn.

For details, read a summary by Steve Revilak, a board member who provides meeting notes as a public service >> 

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This news summary based on a Redevelopment Board member's notes and YourArlington's archives was published Sunday, April 9, 2023.