Greg ChristianaGreg Christiana:

John D. Leone, 2022John D. Leone: 2,182

Winner provides statement

UPDATED April 11: Challenger Greg Christiana, a Google engineer allied with younger residents, pulled off an unexpected win in the 2022 town election on Saturday, April 2. He unseated Town Moderator John D. Leone, the incumbent who has led Town Meeting since 2007.

The historic nature of the victory was reflected earlier, as former moderator John Worden wrote that he could not recall a previous challenge to a moderator.

A delay in reporting Precinct 6 numbers by the Leone campaign slowed the final result. Reported by 9:08 p.m. in a spreadsheet maintained by the campaign were all other precincts. The totals at that point were 2,313 for Christiana and 2,102 for Leone, according to unofficials numbers. 

It was a difference that the remaining precinct could not cover. When its numbers were recorded, at 9:23 p.m., final unofficial totals showed 2,420 for Christiana and 2,182 for Leone. The difference is 238 votes. Turnout was 14.75 percent.

All other townwide offices -- for Select Board, School Committee and the Board of Assessors -- had no contested races.

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Christiana comments

Christiana and Leone have been asked to provide statements, responding to questions, and the former has responded.

"I am honored to be elected Arlington’s town moderator and look forward to serving the town in this role. I’m grateful to everyone who came out and voted, regardless of how they voted.

"This win would not have been possible without my incredible campaign team and the enthusiastic supporters who shared our goals, from people with decades of service to our town to relatively new arrivals. That diversity of viewpoints and exchange of ideas enriched my campaign.

"I also want to thank John Leone for his long service as moderator and for running a strong campaign. This race provided an opportunity to discuss many ideas for updating Town Meeting and encouraging engagement. We gave voters a chance to look at our current practices, evaluate how they align with our values, and consider what changes they might want.

"This was a very close race. I had no expectation that I would win when I entered it, but I knew if I stayed focused on having substantive conversations about our town governance, we would learn and grow from them. 

"As I begin the job of moderator — overseeing Town Meeting and also making committee appointments — I hope to continue the conversations we've started and to engage more Arlingtonians in decisions that affect us all."

ACMi News Director Jeff Barndt talks with Greg Christiana, the newly elected town moderator:

Timeline as votes came in to campaign

Initial returns from precincts 11 and 7, recorded by 8:10 p.m., showed Christiana leading, 260-242. After five precincts at 8:21, the challenger led, 608-589.

Leone took at the lead by six votes at 8:23, as Precinct 8 sided with him, 181-156. That inched up to 17 a minutes later when Precinct 9 added 88 for Leone to 77 for Christiana.

After 8:30, and for the next eight minutes, results of six precincts came in: 18, 13, 16, 1, 3 and 15. During the time, Leone held leads of as much as 85, dwindling to just three.

At 8:41, the challenger took the lead, by 40, as Precinct 21 gave him 123 to Leone's 71. Christiana did not give it up.

Strong for Greg were Precincts 19, 2, 18 and 20.

Patti Muldoon, Precinct 6 warden, has told YourArlington that she brought the results from Precincts 2, 4 and 6 to Town Hall together and that the final reporting delay was not just from 6. 

Many were running for Town Meeting seats in the town's 21 precincts. In some of them, 12 seats were decided because of changes caused in 2021 by every-10-year reprecincting. See candidates for all offices here >>

Townwide offices for 2022

One assessor for three years

Incumbent: Bob Greeley, who has announced that he is not running.  Gordon A. Jamieson is seeking election.

One assessor to two years (to fill a vacancy)

Appointee: William Zagata

One town moderator for three years

Incumbent: John Leone

Greg Christiana

One Select Board member for three years

Incumbent; Stephen W. DeCourcey

Two School Committee members for three years

Incumbent: Dr. Kirsi Allison-Ampe

Incumbent: Leonard Kardon

Campaign-finance reports:

Christiana 8-day (moderator)

Leone 8-day (moderator)

DeCourcey 8-day (Select Board)

Allison-Ampe 8-day (School Committee)

Kardon 8-day (School Committee)

Zagata M109 (assesssors)

Jamieson M109 (assessors)

The annual League of Women Voters and Envision Arlington host Candidates’ Night, for those seeking key offices, held Wednesday, March 23.

Town Meeting candidate statements (scroll down) >> (includes contact info if provided).

Notice regarding Town Meeting races, vacancies >>

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To look up your voter-registration status, especially if you recently moved or changed your registration from one community to another, click here >>  You are eligible to vote only in the community where you are now registered.

Note: New precinct boundaries need to be updated in the state database, so residents can’t check now and know what precinct they will be in, which is especially important for people considering running for Town Meeting.

The town clerk plans a mailing in February to all registered voters confirming precinct and polling location (in case any of them are changed by the Select Board following reprecincting). The census mailing will be delayed until the clerk's office has the new precinct numbers so the census will indicate the correct precincts.

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2022 election information from town website 

This news announcement was published Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021, and updated April 2, to report unofficial results; April 3, to clarify a ballot delay, and April 11, to add ACMi video.