Lenard DigginsDiggins
John D. Leone, 2022Leone
Diane MahonMahon

UPDATED April 1: Select Board incumbents Len Diggins and Diane Mahon have won reelection in the 2023 town election on Saturday, April 1, according to unofficial preliminary returns. 

For School Committee, incumbents Elizabeth Exton and Paul Schlichtman were also returned to office, joined by newcomer Laura Gitelson.

Hand-counted drop-box ballots remain to be reported.

Here are the earlier numbers, subject to revision: 

Paul SchlichtmanSchlichtman
Liz ExtonExton
Laura GitelsonGitelson
Jill KrajewskiKrajewski

For two seats, Mahon tallied 4,563 votes and Diggins was close behind, with 4,524. Challenger John D. Leone had 3,128.

For three seats, Exton drew 4,500 votes, Gitelson drew 3,828 and Schlichtman 3,618. The other challenger, Jill Kristin Krajewski, had 2,849.

Seven key seats were open -- two of them on the Select Board and three on the School Committee. Candidates for clerk and assessors were unopposed.

Other incumbents winning reelection for key seats were Town Clerk Julianna Brazile, who received 3,900 votes, and Board of Assessors' member Mary Winstanley O'Connor, 4,012.

See the specimen ballot for all precincts >>

Earlier warning: Get ballots to drop boxes

To speed up the start of the tally process at the precincts, Brazile reported earlier April 1 that her office plans to hand-count the drop-box ballots collected by 8 p.m. at Town Hall. This is in addition to hand-counting overseas ballots and accessible online ballots.

She plans a collection at 6:30 p.m. and get these ballots to the precincts to put through the tabulators just before the polls close.

Residents are encouraged to put ballots in the drop boxes as early in the day as they can. All ballots will be counted April 1 if they are received by 8 p.m., but the more the clerk gets at the last minute, the longer it will take to get the complete unofficial results.

The precincts plan to report the ballots they have processed during the day, but that will not include the last ballots. The clerk plans to announce the total of the results tapes added to the last hand-count ballots as soon as possible.

If there are enough ballots to hand-count, it means the numbers the precincts are reporting will not be conclusive for tight races. 

Bill Hayner, incumbent on the School Committee, did not take out papers and did not seek reelection. The committee honored him March 30. Asked for a statement Jan. 30, Hayner wrote via email: "I have been on the committee for 12 years and now feel it is time to let others do the work. I would like to do some teaching and more volunteer work in the community."

Candidates - list of all candidates townwide and by precinct

Statements from Town Meeting candidates
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Campaign-finance filings

Juli Brazile8-Day Filing
Len Diggins 8-Day Filing
Liz Exton 8-Day Filing
Laura Gitelson 8-Day Filing
Jill Krajewski 8-Day Filing
John Leone 8-Day Filing
Diane Mahon 8-Day Filing
Mary O'Connor 8-Day Filing
Paul Schlichtman 8-Day Filing

Campaign Finance Information - for town-wide candidates (includes link to register for online OCPF classes)

Campaign kickoffs, events held:

Diggins held March 19, with hosts Sharon Grossman, June Rowe and Barbara Thornton. 

Leone held March 19, Punjab Restaurant.

Schlichtman held March 5, at Donut Villa.

Diggins held March 5, on Zoom. 

Krajewski campaign kickoff held March 4.

Leone campaign kickoff held Feb. 22.

Laura Gitelson kickoff held Feb. 12. 

Read an introductionto Town Meeting by Steve Revilak on the Equitable Arlington website. 

Election FAQ

A FAQ document will be posted with information about the townwide races and Town Meeting.

Submit questions or comments if you have questions we can answer in the FAQ or on this webpage.

2023 election information from town website

Candidates respond to questions from ACMi >>

Candidate profiles from ACMi >>


Mary O'Connor seeks assessor

Schlichtman seeks School Committee

Diggins seeks reelection to Select Board

Krajewski seeks School Committee

Gitelson announces for School Committee

Leone seeks Select Board

This news summary was published Sunday, Dec. 11, 2022, based on information from the town website. It has been updated many times since then, most recently April 1, 2023.