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Arlington police are investigating an "inappropriate interaction" between a male employee and a student at Arlington Catholic High School, an incident that led the school to fire the staff member, has reported

In a statement sent to parents, the website reported, administrators said the employee was not a teacher and worked part time at the school. The school and Arlington Police Chief Julie Flaherty did not specify what occurred between the employee and the student.

"A part-time, nonteaching employee had an inappropriate interaction with a student in the corridor during the school day. It was heard by another staff member, who immediately reported it, as did the student," the school wrote to parents. "We removed the employee from the school and his employment has been terminated and he will not be returning to Arlington Catholic."

Flaherty said her department is investigating what happened.

"APD was made aware of an incident that occurred yesterday involving a school employee and a juvenile," she said in a statement. "The matter is under investigation and it involves a juvenile so I am not able to comment further."

Arlington Catholic partners with St. Agnes School to provide coeducational kindergarten through 12th grade classes for about 800 students, according to the school. 

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