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'Fidgety' Somerville man faces drug-trafficking after town traffic stop

A 27-year-old Somerville man faces drug-trafficking charges following a traffic stop in East Arlington. John Raymond was pulled over about 11:50 a.m. Thursday, March 12, for suspected motor vehicle violations and became very "nervous and fidgety," police said.

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As the officer checked Raymond's license and registration on the gray BMW, a police report said he started moving so much his car rocked side to side. The report said the car windows had such a dark tint that it was hard to see inside.

The registration check showed the it had not been renewed. That, and because the windows were suspected of exceeding the 35-percent tint, the legal limit, an officer stopped the car at Broadway and Sunnyside, East Arlington.

The driver said he was unaware of the registration status or the window tint and that the BMW belonged to his girlfriend's.

"As I was speaking with John," the report says, "and as I informed him that letting him go was not an option," his demeanor changed and he became very nervous and fidgety in the vehicle.

A bit later, he was moving so much in the car that the vehicle was "rocking back and forth on the road from side to side."

After another officer arrived, Raymond was asked to step out of the car. The report says he "guarded his right side and turned awkwardly away from me inwards toward the vehicle. As I walked John to the rear of the vehicle, he continued to guard his right side with his right arm stiff against his body as if he was concealing something or holding something tight against his body."

In addition to these actions, as well as having several open and recent firearm violations on his record, the report says the officer believed Raymond had a gun, "and I was afraid for my safety."

During a pat-frisk, an officer found a hard object in Raymond's upper pocket. A search turned up three bags filled with small oval pills, police said.

He was arrested and charged with trafficking in heroin/morphine/opium as well as Fentanyl and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

This news summary was published Tuesday, March 17. The source is an Arlington Police Department report; Bob Sprague wrote it.

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