The Mooty girlsThe Mooty girlsDid you know that March 1 is National Pancake Day? Emmie, Rosie and Frannie Mooty of Arlington do. They look forward to this day each year.

On National Pancake Day, the local community comes together, through IHOP and Children’s Miracle Network to support Boston Children’s Hospital - helping children like the Mootys receive optimum care from a top pediatric hospital.

The Mootys are a family connected by blood, but not by bloodlines.

Tracy and her husband, Patrick, decided to start a family, but Tracy has thalassemia, an inherited disorder that causes irregular red blood cells and severe anemia. It requires blood transfusions every three weeks.

The couple learned there were many orphans in China with special needs — including thalassemia -- and without proper medical care, many die.

They saw Emmie’s picture on an adoption website; her sweet little face looked up at them with the word “thalassemia” written below.

Tracy shared the 2-year-old’s medical file with her hematologist at Boston Children’s. He confirmed she had a severe form of the disease that would require lifelong blood transfusions and lots of specialized care. He also said he’d be delighted to welcome a new patient.

And so began their journey to bring Emmie home. One year after the next, they similarly found Rosie and then Frannie in Chinese orphanages.

Now, every 21 days, the three sisters visit Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center for lifesaving transfusions of red blood cells. Tracy says she is lucky to live near the best place for her daughters to get pediatric care.

To raise funds for the hospital and support families like the Mootys in need of lifesaving care, customers going to IHOP on National Pancake Day will be given a free short stack of pancakes and asked to donate what they would’ve paid – or more -- to the hospital. 

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This news announcement was published Tuesday, March 1, 2022. The information was provided by Brodeur Partners public relations.